Bringing the outdoors as the extended living room – KIWIS

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Bringing the outdoors as the extended living room – KIWIS

We believe that your outdoor space should be an extension of your interior style, no matter if you are starting from scratch or adding a few finishing touches to an established space.

At The Furnishing Room, we know that creating an elevated outdoor space is all about considering the smaller details in the design process. As we get ready for the summer season of outdoor entertaining we’ve put together some guidance on how to elevate your outdoor space and create an enviable sense of style.


Stay Grounded

When elements that we typically use in an indoor living space are incorporated into the outside design, it brings a more inviting feel to the space. One element that you might not have thought about using are rugs; nowadays there is a great selection of outdoor rugs available that are still both soft and durable. Using a range of patterns and colours means that you can ground the space for your furniture layout using the rug as a foundation.

Beauty Meets Function

Outdoor furniture pieces are typically way more functional than indoors, but this doesn’t mean that you don’t get to have a beautifully curated space. Choosing furniture pieces like side tables and bar trolleys for an outdoor cocktail area will add an elevated sense of style to the design. Embrace the functionality of outdoor space for the types of activities you’re looking to use it for; if you’re planning on using the space for lazy Sunday reading sessions then add in a gorgeous hanging pod chair or have a load of inviting ottomans.

Texture & Textiles

Try to follow similar design principles to your interior when it comes to styling outdoor soft furnishings - think about texture, textiles, a range of sizes and mix-up patterns. Luckily the growing range of outdoor fabrics on the New Zealand market is perfect for coping with our harsh UV environment. Don’t just think about daytime use as it’ll still feel cooler in the evenings so remember to add outdoor throws for evenings. Adding in natural textures in the form of plants around the corners of your outdoor lounge space will make the space feel more welcoming and lived-in.

Green Thumb

To make your outdoor space feel completely at one with nature, we’d recommend adding foliage of different shapes and sizes to add a sense of softness and personality. One aspect we love about outdoor lounges are a natural extension of the indoor space is to add planters on the side closest to the home so that you instantly feel completely surrounded by nature.

Set The Mood

Lighting is a key feature that will make an absolute difference to the atmosphere in your outdoor space as much as it will indoors. Layer in multiple soft-light sources like string lights, lanterns and large candles to create an ambience - having solar-powered lights is the icing on the cake.

The Finishing Touches

As with any interior design project, the finishing touches are really important. You’ll be carrying items outdoors for any entertaining so pick some trays or trolleys that work with your overall aesthetic. Just as you would indoors, having finishing touches like candles and vases for flowers & foliage makes all the difference even if you’re already outdoors - these touches will create a welcoming oasis that your guests won’t want to leave.

If you’re uninspired by your outdoor space and want to have a conversation about how we can restyle your space, contact our Interior Designers at The Furnishing Room here.