Bringing the outdoors as the extended living room

Posted: November 14, 2022Tags: Category: Uncategorized

Bringing the outdoors as the extended living room

New Zealanders love indoor-outdoor spaces and are often the inspiration for many homes around the world. Our Interior Designers at The Furnishing Room love working with clients that want to bring the outdoors in as a natural extension of the living space.

Native New Zealand plants are particularly great to add a luscious sense of nature that can start inside, from hanging vines, and take you on a journey to the outdoor space with larger ferns and grasses.

As these spaces are extended living areas, our Interior Designers will thoughtfully consider how you’ll use the indoor and outdoor spaces when designing furniture choices; from group entertaining to quiet reflective catch-ups with a partner, we can design the perfect space for you.

To be inspired about bringing the outdoors in, contact our team today.

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