Dining Room Furniture Set 2

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Dining Room Furniture Set 2

Moving into a new home can often be done in a rush once the last legal document is signed, and you might not have had time to order new furniture. At The Furnishing Room, we love doing the hard work for you and have curated our Furniture Sets to ease our clients into their new homes.

Whether you’re decorating your new house or redecorating one that you've been living in for years, the one thing you’re probably short on is the spare time to traipse around the shops or go through endless furniture stores online to try and find the right pieces to fit your new space. If you have a few key pieces that you’d love to use in your dining room but don’t have anything to tie it all together, then our Dining Room Furniture Set 2 could be your design solution. We’ve put in the time to ensure that our sets compliment not only the other items in it, but support other items integrated into the design.



Our professional interior designers have put together this gorgeous room set to include everything you’ll need for your dining space, from the table and chairs to artwork and candlestick touches. At the focal point of this set, the Radial Round Dining Table in natural oak seats four quite comfortably and features softly rounded edges, creating a timeless aesthetic that sits comfortably within any interior. Our designers have paired this with 4x dining chairs; the clean lines and balanced proportions of the Aspen Chair in oak/black make it a likely guest at your next dinner party or casual brunch. We’ve chosen a set of 5 classic framed prints to finish the room that will suit any style and complete the look.

If you design the room by yourself, you could miss key items or feel like the furniture is out of place. We can help you eliminate the hassle of furnishing your new home with our gorgeous dining room set.

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