Choosing Your Artwork

Posted: September 27, 2022Tags: Category: Uncategorized

Choosing Your Artwork


Choosing artwork for your home is a really personal experience and should be approached with excitement rather than apprehension. Choosing art for your home can be a little overwhelming, but it is something that our Interior Designers at The Furnishing Room cherish as part of the design process.

Knowing how to choose the right art will give you the confidence to create a uniquely personal display and greatly impact your room. Too often, art is treated as an afterthought instead of using art to transform a place and infuse it with personality.

By using Art as the starting point for your interior design scheme, you have the ability to set the tone for everything else in an instant. Choosing artwork will give you an instant focal point and a colour palette; don’t think that you have to match the colours in your room to the artwork; instead, be inspired by it and use this inspiration for wall shades and soft furnishings.

When using art to set the mood of the room, think about the use of the room - for instance, setting a beach photograph for a largely daytime space works, whereas for a room that you’d mostly use in the evening, think about using something more abstract or intriguing.

Take a look at the architecture of your home and the rooms you want to feature art heavily in - the relationship between artwork and its surroundings does play a central role when designing the desired atmosphere. Consider the height of the room and the lighting options, both natural and artificial, when planning artwork.

Our Distant Horizon piece is perfect for setting the mood in a warm living room, and it is easy to be inspired by the greens and warm browns in this piece when considering soft furnishings. Our golden canvas art, on the other hand, brightens up any space and would look wonderful in an open-plan kitchen/dining space with complimenting golden touches and marbled work surfaces.

We’d love to talk to you about your artwork plans for your new home or redesign, so reach out to us to find out how we can help you on your interior design journey.

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