Custom headboards

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Custom headboards

For many people, the master bedroom is one of the areas of a new home that owners will focus on when it comes to design. As we go throughout our lives, the design of our bedrooms reflects our current stage and changes with us, all the way from our nursery to our family home. It can be difficult to know how to style our bedrooms, especially when we have had so many design influences in the past, and into the future.

If you were to imagine the best bedrooms you’ve stayed in on trips, vacations, or at a friend’s Bach, what kind of emotions do you feel? Do you feel calm because of the colours, do you feel warm and relaxed because of the textures? These are the types of things that we can piece together when designing your bedroom.

At the centre of any bedroom is the bed itself, and whilst many would like this to be in the background, giving way to favourite pieces of art, vintage furniture, or modern features that draw the eye, there are ways that your bed can complement your prized possessions. At The Furnishing Room, we have worked with many clients over the years to create custom headboards. We love doing this, because whilst bedding can be changed from season to season, a headboard will last for years to come, so it's important to get a high-quality design that reflects your personality and style.


With a custom headboard, you’ll be able to create the room that you want and look forward to going to after a long day. And you aren’t short on options; using upholstery on a headboard can create a sleek modern look, especially when using fabrics that are solid neutral tones; whereas bold richer colours or patterned designs can create a decadent feel.

Design is all in the details and custom headboards don’t have to be boring; there are many ways to add texture and depth without having them seem too much. A benefit of having a custom headboard is that you have total control over the materials used, and if you are having your entire room is designed, we’ll be able to match colours and materials so that your space is well put together.

Say goodbye to boring and mass-produced headboards and hello to beautiful beds that you want to jump into. To discuss the headboard of your dreams with one of our Interior Designers, reach out to us on the link below:

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