A curated collection finds an elegant home in Auckland

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A curated collection finds an elegant home in Auckland

A curated collection finds an elegant home in Auckland.

It is always helpful when designing a home if your clients already possess beautiful interior pieces; however, this is not always the case. On occasion, if there aren’t pieces to fill a home, it can often spill over into a chaotic meeting of clashing styles without any natural cohesion. Even if you have a couple of items to start with, it can make a difference when designing a new home.

“Interior design physically transforms space which in turn enhances the human experience” Brahman Perera 

For our clients that are without key pieces to set the tone, we have curated signature collections for their feature spaces to ensure a smooth transition to their new home as fast as possible whilst maintaining design integrity. Our Interior Designers have thoughtfully curated these sets to provide a baseline design aesthetic with the idea that the earthen materials and colours can layer the home with warmth and a familiar touch, even in a new build.

Our Earthen cushion set features warm, rich colours and subtle designs to accompany the salt and pepper seating options. Our aim with these sets is to create a harmonious and elegant living room as soon as you move in. Choosing different textures from the furnishings to seating can encourage families to relax in the living room from day one.

Iron framed coffee tables and entertainment units compliment the gorgeous salt and pepper armchair that combines comfort with an industrial modern feel. We’ve thought of everything in this living room set to make your home as easy as possible to move into; our Interior designers have even selected statement artwork to deck the walls with a modern tiger print in a playful setting.

If you are moving into a new home and are in a rush or want to have a curated solution for your living room, reach out to us at The Furnishing Room to discuss our thoughtfully selected Living Room Sets.


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