English Textures

Posted: August 11, 2022Tags: Category: Uncategorized

English Textures

When you’re choosing a new interior design direction to go with for your new home, you could be drawn to both heritage and modern styles and not know how to combine both. Heritage styles are increasingly popular, with a sense of warmth and homeliness that comes with rich colours and soft furnishings, but it is easy to go too far and end up in a space that feels stuffy and overly themed. On the other hand, more modern styles can, if not done well, feel clinical and cold.

The English countryside aesthetic has been described as “lived-in but not messy” - having elements like bar carts with your favourite drinks for entertaining ready to go and including books in your space will add warmth and texture to any room.

Using low lighting will help set the ambience and keep that cozy feel throughout the year. To make things period-appropriate, focussing on richly-hued and highly pigmented paints will achieve this look; think of warmer shades and darker tones that compliment your furniture and soft furnishings. When choosing rugs to accompany your flooring, go for something more threadbare as a plush new rug will stand out a mile.

Our experts in Interior Design can help you incorporate warm English Manor House vibes and modern design elements to find a natural balance. We can reupholster vintage furniture into a more modern style and include soft furnishings like this gorgeous jaguar embroidered cushion that speaks to the past, whilst nodding to the present.

Whether you are working with us at the start of your interior design journey or would like some consultation on how to refresh or uplift a room, we can help you develop the style you like. Reach out to us to arrange a call with one of our expert Interior Designers.


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